7 resaons why to choose Ubuntu over windows8

What is Ubuntu:-

Ubuntu ( uu-buun-too) is an operating system(like Windows But better than windows)  based on the Linux kernel . It is distributed as free and open source software means no cracks, no patches or serial numbers are required . The meaning of UBUNTU is  "humanity towards others" or "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity". According to 2012 online surveys, Ubuntu is the most popular Operating system on desktop and laptop personal computers. Ubutu is also popular on servers and for cloud computing. Development of Ubuntu is led by Canonical Ltd. A company based in the Isle of Man and owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth.

Why Ubuntu is better than Windows:-

Microsoft's Windows 8  was launched  in August 2012 just after a month ago October we saw the introduction of another major operating system as well.Canonical's Ubuntu 12.10 arrived  weeks ahead of its competitor, in fact, with a slogan: "Avoid the pain of Windows 8." That slogan appeared on the Ubuntu home page for the first few hours after the OS's official launch, and attracted considerable attention. Apparently Developers decided to down its message later in the day—the slogan now reads "Your wish is our command”.

1.   Customization:- Ubuntu is full of customization. Yes you can customize every thing on Ubuntu  like  shape, size and alignment and color. But in windows 8 customization is little bit low, like  metro tiles you can’t resize their size, can’t group them acc. To their type
2.      Apps:- Windows 8 comes with bundled of apps like Internet Explorer10. But in Ubuntu you will find collection of open source software like Firefox, Libre office, Thunderbird etc. Ubuntu Software Centre  houses 50000 apps where Windows store just houses 5000 apps.

3.       Hardware Support:- In windows we have to install drivers and binaries additionally from Developer’s website or their installation CD but in UBUNTU we have software centre  which have all drivers prebuilt no need for additional headache.

4.      Hardware Compatibility:- To run Windows 8 on your PC, you'll need a processor that's 1GHz or faster. You'll also need a minimum of 1GB RAM for the 32-bit version or 2GB for the 64-bit version, along with 16GB (32-bit) or 20GB (64-bit) of space on your hard drive. For graphics processing , you'll need a Microsoft DirectX 9-compatible graphics device. This is minimum requirement for obsolete systems. If you want to take advantage of Windows 8's touch features, obviously you'll need a multitouch device. To make the most of the software. Ubuntu's requirements, however, are much more modest: Canonical recommends 512MB of RAM, plus 5GB on the hard drive. You'll also find versions such as Lubuntu and Xubuntu for lower-spec machines. In short, if hardware is a obstacle factor for you, Ubuntu is most likely the better choice.

5.  Security:- For security Window8 has windows defender, firewall and disk encryption system, however these features are also presents in Ubuntu but Ubuntu is protected with Linux security module to enhance security.  It's interesting to note that, each year at Pwn2Own, hackers get a chance to hack Windows and Apple Mac systems, but Linux is not included in the contest. No exploit can challenge against (and gain root privilege on) Ubuntu Linux running AppArmor-sandboxed Firefox.

6. User Support:- Microsoft offers support for Windows 8 Pro users through its TechNet subscription service, which is costs at $149 per year.Canonical offers Ubuntu Advantage service-level agreements starting at about $80 per year.

7. Pricing:- Last but certainly not least, Ubuntu Linux is free, while Windows 8 Pro will reportedly cost $199 after the current upgrade offer of $39 to $69 expires.

             License fee
$39 to $69 upgrade
CPU architectures supported
x86, x86-64
x86, x86-64, ARM, PPC
Minimum RAM
1GB, 2GB
Minimum hard-disk space
Concurrent multiuser support
Two or more
Not applicable
GPL Open Source: Main, Non-GPL: Restricted
Productivity software included
Graphics tools included

In a NUTshell:-
So which operating system is better for small-business and PC users? The answer, of course, Ubuntu Linux. If one thing is clear, however, it's that any lead Windows may have once had over competing operating systems is shrinking every year. Depending on your needs, Ubuntu Linux 12.10 could provide a compelling alternative.
If you wanna try Ubuntu you can download it from here:-

►►►Ubuntu Free download◄◄◄
Size:- 695 MB
Format:- .iso
Type:- Operating System

After downloading  .iso file burn it to your DVD by using your favorite program like( ultra iso ETC.) enjoy…

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