Change Folder Background in Windows8/ 7/vista/xp [without software]

We like to customize folder and drive’s icon, color, view to give it a unique look. What about changing folder background? Usually we use software to do that. But here we’ll change the folder’s background without any software. Yes you can do it without any software or any messy scripts and in 5 simple steps only:-
1. Go to the folder which background you want to change.
2. Create a new text file and open to edit it.
3. Copy following two lines and paste them to the text file.

IconArea_Image="C:\Users\user_name\my pictures\image.jpg" 

4. If you want a shadow effect for text give ShadowedText=1 and for applying same image to all sub directories give Recursive=1  like this.
IconArea_Image="C:\Users\user_name\my pictures\image.jpg"


5. After creating, save the text file then rename it to desktop.ini and restart your PC.
*Note: - Replace C:\Users\user_name\my pictures\image.jpg with path of your picture

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