Gesture Recognition System For Your Android Phone?

"f" gesture for Facebook
Think you just draw any mark, shape or sign on your screen and the phone will remember where to take you. Which may be your favorite apps, internet pages, contact numbers by calling or texting people or even your phone settings!!!
For example: - just draw f and your facebook will open.
 Calling to someone? Just add your gesture to call 

 that person or to text other person. 

How to use is really simple:
1. Select a category from
[Internet / Application / Contact / Phone Setting]
2. Select an item from the list
3. Create a gesture for the item
4. Turn on My Gesture
(The icon will stay on the top layer when turned on)
5. Click on the icon
6. Draw a gesture
7. The desired app/internet/calling/texting/settings

will be available instantaneously!!!

Options in MyGesture
Download it official from Google Play store
Download Direct From here(Pclound Link)
Size: - 230k

Platform: - 2.2 or Later