Call anywhere, anyone in India For Free and Send Unlimited Text Messages

Many of us today have been afraid of calling anyone because of high call rates and Low Balance.But if there is problem then there is solution also. Site2Sms is an Online Venture of Lohchab Network Pvt. Ltd. Site2Sms was founded in Jan 2011. offers SMS communication totally cost free to its users. More than 1 million users visit Site2Sms every day, they are not only from India they are from many different countries.
User can easily register to site2sms with their Mobile number and start sending sms messages to anywhere.

Tera Copy Pro (Increase Copy Speed)

Tera Copy PRO
Tera copy is file moving,copying and deleting software. Tera copy helps us to copy contents at maximum high speeds. Tera copy also supports pause and resume system. Trea copy integrates with right click menu. It can be set as default copy handler. As per research tera copy increase copy speed by 10%.

1.Easy to use Interface.
2.Easy to control i.e. Pause, Resume, stop.
3.Fast, Easy and reliable.

Create a Folder of without name

Hello Techies today I will tell you how to make a folder with no name, By default windows does not allows to do so. You can try it yourself by giving no name to folder and surely you will defeat.
Here are steps to make folder with no name or blank space name
Steps are:-
1.       Select The folder you want to rename or create a new folder.
2.      Right click your folder and choose rename or Simply press F2.
3.      Now Press And Hold ‘ALT’ key and type ‘0160’ or ‘255’ from your keypad which is present on right side of your keyboard.
4.      Leave ‘ALT’ Key and press Enter and Folder with no name is created.

Precautions: - Make sure NumLock is turned OFF

Change Icon of Any Drive or Hard Disk on Windows

This trick is just performed to manipulate your friends, or if you want to be your my computer more interactive or customize your Hard Disk.
1: Press Windows Key+R, and Type “regedit”.

2: In regedit, go to or search for following: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes 

Typing Master Free Full Version Download with Serial Keys and KeygEN

Have you ever faced a problem of fast typing, everyone loves to be a fast typist. So Today I have bought software to you with will help you to type fast. Typing Master is software which is Professional typing learning software which will double your typing speed. Typing Master will offer you many exercise, Tutorials, chapters and Lessons to increase your typing speed.

Subway Surfer Apk setup direct Download

Yes our Favorite SuBway Surfer is now available for direct Download. AS usuall the concept is same you have save yourself from police and dodge all incoming trains and obstacles. 

What’s NEW!!!

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Free download with KEyGen

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware cum anti-virus which can detect and remove malwares and viruses like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, spyware, and more. All you do is to launch malwarebyte and perform full scan and forget about malware. MalwareByte has been awarded many times for best malware according to